In November of 2012, I left New York and a career in education behind for a new life in San Francisco, pursuing something as old as time itself- happiness. A huge part of what was missing in my life was identifying a vocation that I would wake up every day excited to explore. It didn’t take long for me to realize that lifelong habits of rearranging, of obsessing over linens, of poring over back issues of World Of Interiors could translate into a career.

I entered into the scene under the wing of head designer for the Soho House Group Vicky Charles, who, on my first day in the office, sent me on an errand to the D&D in New York. My eyes and heart opened up wide, and I realized I had found my place wandering the halls between those sumptuous showrooms. What followed was a cross-country trek to San Francisco and a year of immersion in the retail side of interior design at H.D. Buttercup, learning how to custom order furniture and acquainting myself with some of the biggest retailers in the industry. Then came an utterly transformative and educational time working as a design studio intern at one of the finest firms existing today, Jeffers Design Group. Lastly, it was a crash course on what it looks like for an online furniture consignment business (Chairish) to grow over the course of a year as a player on every team from marketing to production to social media.

I do this work because I get a true, deep sense of pleasure from creating spaces that are beautiful to all the senses. I do this so that people can live with things that elevate their everyday- it could be a mug, a piece of art, a candle, a sofa or a set of sheets. My goal is to make the act of living in a home enjoyable. Whatever feeling or sensation the home brings you, it should be a positive one- whether it is pleasure, happiness, relaxation or stimulation.

My design philosophy is that collaboration, communication and creativity are key. It is my goal to take a clients vision and not only bring it to life, but evolve and progress it. I believe the design of a space should be high quality, enduring and personal but always a little surprising. I do not have a signature look, I appreciate and admire aspects of all aesthetics. I see my work as a continuing journey and am in a constant state of awe at what is possible within design. Ultimately, I want to translate the joy that doing this work brings to me into 3D space.